iPhone App Development – How Long Should It Take To Build An App?

A lot of people get frustrated with their app companies UK simply because of the amount of time it takes to design and develop an app. Despite what you might think, it’s not an overnight process, it takes real time to design and put together a mobile app. These apps have really become popular, of course, but that isn’t the reason for the slow production; it’s down to how delicate applications need to be. If the process was rushed and the app turned out rubbish, no one would use it; that is one of the biggest reasons why iPhone app development must be handled in the correct manner. So, how long should it take to build an app in this modern world?

The Architectural Planning Phase

First and foremost, developers must understand and set out how the app is to look like. It isn’t just how the app will be finished but the resources that are needed as well as the connectivity and content. Basically, the architectural phase is planning and mapping out the entire app and that can take anything from around two weeks to three and a half. That might sound like a lot but there is a lot of planning that goes into this part. If this isn’t well thought out, everything else can go horribly wrong so it’s vital this is done smoothly and with care. Of course, app development can stretch out longer depending on the size of the app and the complexity of the app too. Usually, the two week mark is standard but again, it varies from project to project. read more from

Designing the Application

The design phase is truly an important part of the development stage simply because it offers a first-hand look at what the finished app will look like. During this part, the colours that are to be used will be shown, as well as the images, content and everything else, including the navigation features. If there are any issues to be resolved, it can be done so now and that will hopefully avoid trouble later when the app is to be launched. However, this part of the project can take around three or four weeks to complete. Again, it might seem like such a long time but it’s necessary in order to get a properly designed and developed app. App companies UK don’t like to rush through the development process as it can end up with an unhappy client. What’s more, they don’t get paid if they don’t do a good job so they have to put in the hard work.


App development can take anything from one full month to two months. Now, this is the time where the designs are being converted into the final phases and that the coding and everything else is being put together. The navigation is being added as well as the database integration, and how users interact with the app. Development can be one of the longest parts of the process but it’s one that has to be done with the utmost care and attention.

Testing Out the App

appsThe testing phase really focuses on testing the app out and how well it works together. This is the time to iron out any kinks within the app and find bugs and all sorts of issues. When they are found, they can be corrected and testing, in fact, can be the best part as it shows how far the app has come. What’s more, this only takes around a week or two at most to get a feel for the app and any issues it has. App companies UK has to test out in order to ensure the app is functioning. continue reading..

Going Live

The final part in the development phase has to be the deployment. When the app is sent to the Apple store, it goes through an approval time in which the company reviews the app to ensure it’s suitable for their platform. It can take anything from one week to two weeks for the application to go live but once it does, people can download! App development does take a lot of time but it is worth it in the end.

iPhone App Development Can Be Pretty Easy

OK, so the above steps seem very complex and as though it’ll take forever but they are all necessary steps in order to get the app approved and online. You can find it offers a lot of potential to users and even though it seems to take longer, you will have every opportunity to succeed. Success is around the corner and using the best app companies UK can make all the difference today.